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Hey Pwners! Lozzical here again to give you more on what has been going on in the gaming world!

Now, I bet all you have a PS Vita with you, yes? And if you are a die-hard fan of the Ninja Gaiden series, you might as well get this newly announced Ninja Gaiden for the PS Vita! 

Are you excited yet? 

With two new modes and new weapons for Ryu Hayabusa to slash his way in the game, I guarantee you guys will have a GREAT time to play your favourite ninja in your device. If you wanna read more about the latest announcement, you can read it here to check it out


More news on the Playstation 4

Okay Pwners, now I know you have been reading on what is to expect for the new-generation consoles, right? Well recently (and I mean, REALLY recently), I looked up on my Twitter, I found this…very interesting tweet about the Playstation 4 from Kotaku.

According to Kotaku's article, it seems that the new device WILL have a unique function that may be a huge selling point for Sony; record your gameplay and share it online.

Mmhmm. But it doesn't stop there at all actually. 

Apparently, there came another article from Kotaku that the creators of The Witcher series are creating a new gaming engine called "RedEngine 3", made prepared for the future consoles that are going to be released sometime this year. You can read more about it in this article here.

That is all for what I have for today guys! Stay tune for more and keep on Pwning! 

Article by: Jesvin "Lozzical" Kaur.


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