A sims 3 story.

So I am going to tell you the story in which I am in, well sort of.

The Sims 3 (Photo Credit: Google Images)

So my parents in Sims 3 are Joshua Henderson and Rita Henderson. They are randomly created Sims. I then played with the genetics and created a toddler, which was me, Anil Henderson. I made myself a vampire and this is my story.

Appalosa Plains (Photo Credit: Google Images)

We were living in Appaloosa plains (The pre-set town). We moved into this 2 storey house with a huge front yard and a back yard. I was a child prodigy. I picked up music when I was just a toddler, just playing with a Xylophone. I also learned to talk, walk and was potty trained within three sim days. I was never close to my parents because my mother works in the military and my dad was working as a detective. So I was usually alone with a babysitter. Only when my parents are home, would I be able to learn how to walk, talk and be potty trained. When I was a toddler, my mother was pregnant with another son, named Damon.

After growing into a child, I started attending the school in town. I had a routine, sleep by 10pm, wake up by 6am, shower, have some plasma juice in the morning and then go to school. When I come back, I would do my homework and then practice my chess skills. My traits were a virtuoso, genius and friendly at that stage. So I picked up the logic skill quickly and that means that I would finish my homework quickly. I would then have dinner before bed. After a few days, I managed to get on the honour roll and stayed there for a few days before I grew into a teenager. At this point of time Damon was a toddler and my mother was yet again pregnant, but with twins this time. I was taking care of Damon most of the time since my parents were busy having sex in the room and trying to populate themselves.

The time in Sims 3 pass by quickly so yeah. So as a teenager, I got myself a part time job at the spa centre. So after school, I would go to work, then I would come back home and finish my homework. During the first weekend, I mastered the guitar, bass, piano and drum skills. My lifetime wish was to be a one Sim band; hence I must master all four instruments. So I eventually grew into an adult. When I was finally an adult, my mother had given birth to twins, Jonas and Jonah. It was this point of time that I decided to kick them out of the house and claim the house for myself. So after kicking them out, I decided that there were too many memories in the house and thus, I went to move out leaving the house empty and moved to another place. I bought a land and built my house from scratch. With help of the money cheat that is. I also changed my name from Henderson to Salvatore. I also went for plastic surgery to change my appearance. From dark brown hair to platinum blond.

The Sims 3 Supernatural (Photo Credit: Google Images)

My house was cool because, with the supernatural expansion pack, you can have doors that are bookshelves. So to get to a room, you have to open the bookshelf and then you can go into the room. So I had a kitchen with my two fridges. The dining room itself was part of the kitchen. Next to the kitchen was my home gym. I also had a room where I had a home bar and adjoining to that room was my indoor hot tub. I have two toilets, each connecting to two bed rooms. I had a basement with four coffins for me to sleep in. I just had to fill in the space. In my garden, there was the stuff for my dogs. I first got a male dog and three days later, I got myself a female dog. I then got myself a wife.

I started to master the athletic skill and picked up the gardening skill. It was really challenging, trying to please your wife in bed and when we went out, maintaining two dogs, work and being a vampire. My wife was a fairy when she first came. Some fairy family. After a while of dating, we eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend, and slowly, to a fiancé and fiancée and eventually getting married. I then asked her to forsake being a fairy and started to play with alchemy. After mastering alchemy, I then made a cure for the fairies to become human and spiked a drink, and made her drink it. She lost her fairy powers.

During this period of time, I started working in the music industry and after I reached the top of my career, a symphony thingy, I quit my job and became a stay at home husband so that I could start making my own children and taking care of them with my wife. My two dogs eventually started mating too. I had my first daughter, I named her Claire. At this point of the game, I decided it was yet another time that I moved so that I could better accommodate my daughter. So I decided it was a change of town, saving my household to the library, I then created a new game and in a new town and placed my family in that town.

Moonlight Falls (Photo Credit: Google Images)

We moved to moonlight falls. So after my wife gave birth to our daughter in moonlight falls, I turned her into a vampire. So, my daughter started growing up and just like her father, she was a vampire, it looks like the vampire is the dominant trait that is being passed down and not a fairy. So my daughter picked up on talking, walking and learning how to use the potty. She was a child prodigy just like her father. While my daughter was in her child years, my wife died. Okay, this one wasn't on purpose, she was stuck somewhere in town and couldn't move. I tried making her walk here and there but she couldn't and she just stayed where she was. After a few days, she died. I was devastated. My wife died, leaving me to care for 2 dogs and a daughter. My daughter eventually grew into an adult and I married her off to some dude name Peter Stone. She became a stone and had a daughter and son name Adolf and Lucia. My dogs also had their own puppies, three of them. I named them N, H and J.

So I kicked her out of the house with her husband when she was pregnant and gave her the three dogs.  A few days later, I received the pop up saying I was a grandfather and when I checked, I had two grandchildren named Adolf and Lucia. So I was then left with two dogs with the company of the maid that cleaned my house daily. I then decided to have a small cemetery in my back yard and placed my wife's gravestone there on a flowerbed. The following night, my wife haunted me. I woke up and I flirted with a ghost. Yup, I hugged and kiss my dead wife who was a ghost.

I needed to move on so I went out into town and socialised with the people in the neighbourhood. I met this woman named Petunia Crumblebottom. I have no idea why the Sims have such a weird pre-set names. So, like my dead wife, she was a fairy. So we got to know each other and all and I started flirting with. We eventually hit it off and I invited her over to my house to spend the night. We ended up having woohoo in the bed and trying for a baby. The next day, when we woke up, I asked her to move in into my house which she did. After moving in, I realised that she had a husband, because I could check the relationships she had. I had impregnated a married woman. I was screwed. So I made her confess to cheating to me, and then I broke it off with her.

Turns out, she was pregnant because she was running to the toilet bowls back and forth and vomiting from unknown causes. She eventually gave birth to a son and then I kicked her out of the house. I had a child not out of wedlock. I had to raise him on my own again, first it was my stupid wife who got stuck in the sun and burned to dust because she was a vampire, then this dumb woman who flirted with me and didn't tell me she was married. I didn't care much for this son but he still managed to get on honour roll. I got him married to some werewolf name Harriet Wolffang. My two dogs eventually died and I was all alone in my house.

I then decided to move into a pre-made house and live alone and became a detective, I quit after a while because I was too depress. I then became an inventor and invented a time machine. After a few days, I decided to adopt a cat. I checked the local newspaper and saw that someone was offering cats up for adoption so I decided to take it. I named it Pepper Salvatore. I nurtured it and all. It soon became a cat and a very independent cat, just like how all cats are. I went into the time machine and I have no idea how or what happened, but when I got back, I had a new member in my household, it was a boy named Jonathan Salvatore and apparently, he is my son that I had adopted in the future.

Oh well, I stopped playing the game so that I could share this story with you. Let me know what you think!

Anyways, everyone should really play Sims 3. It's an excellent way to have fun and at the same time, you never know what to expect. Perhaps, you can share your own Sims story! Go get your own Sims 3 and share your story, you will not regret it!

Article by: Anil the fire trainer Dass


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