Candy crushing goodness!

Hey guys!, I totally have to tell you guys of this game that has got me hooked over the past few days. I have been playing this game in class, at home and even on the toilet. This game is Candy Crush by Well this game started off as a Facebook game but then has progressed into the iPhone and Android platform.

A brief description of how this game works. You just simply have to match 3 of the same colour candies together for them to be "crushed". Matching 4 or 5 of the candies together gives you special candies, for example, the disco ball candy!

Like this!
I've tried both the Facebook version and the iPhone version. To be honest, I really like the Facebook version better. Before playing the game, I was skeptical about any game that was overly colourful but just 1 stage was all it took for me to get hooked to this game. The only thing bad about this game is that you require lives to play the stages if you fail them.

And how do we get lives then? We could wait a whole 30 MINUTES FOR 1 LIFE or we could ask a friend on Facebook. I'm really starting to feel bad for spamming all my friends on Facebook for lives in Candy Crush but well that just proves how addictive the game is!

So guys, comment on what stage you are currently stuck on if you play the game! I'm personally stuck at boarding the ship to the next level, which of course requires 3 game requests from friends. With hundreds of stages to play, I give this game my thumbs up! Check out the video below on how to play the game! This is Dennis "the menace" Lee signing off, hope you have fun pwning!

p.s if you find yourself stuck too long at a level, you can ask for help at the Candy Crush forum!


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