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“If ye had the chance to change yer fate, would ye?” is a famous quote from Disney Pixar’s ‘Brave’. But we are not here to talk about the stubborn redhead princess who turned her mother into a bear; we are here for something far more interactive. If you are a fan of medieval England, then Sims 3 Medieval is the game for you historical fiction fans out there. The game takes you back to the middle Ages where the Church still runs the government and notorious thieves are sent to the Judgement Zone to be locked at the stocks or simply fed to a ravenous beast. Sims 3 Medieval lets you bring your dream kingdom to life. 

Game features
·         - High-definition graphics
·         - Medieval-ish costumes and accessories
·         - New traits and fatal flaws

·        - Play different characters from monarch to bards to priests to even blacksmiths
·         - Play as the good-hearted Bloodletter (Physician) or the merciless Spy

·         - Fulfil not only your character’s desires, but also the kingdom’s well-being
·         - Complete a quest within the time limit to gain more EXP to achieve higher levels

 Strengthen ties with neighbouring kingdoms through trade and treaties or declare war if you are the sort who is not satisfied with peace

 Everyone loves magic

However, this game will disappoint those who love spending hours creating the perfect Sims. The outfits are limited – no translucent nightgowns and bikinis. You can simply create your character in less than 5 minutes. The quests are too easy for players who are up for challenges. “Woohoo”-ing will produce children still, but you are unable to control them unless you (the Hero) die in the middle of a quest then only the child can replace you. They are only useful for grocery-shopping and … that’s basically it. 


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