What to expect in 2013

Hello Pwners! It’s Lozzical once again with your daily fix of video game news. Since it’s a new year, there are some things that you guys should be looking forward to for 2013 as it could possibly be the biggest gaming year with MORE news.

Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 status report.

Remember this article about the potential release of these consoles? 

Well, guess what? Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox 720 may make its debut on fall of 2013, and as strange as it sounds…these consoles are going to have codenames on them. Yes, codenames.  

According to Kotaku’s article
, they mentioned the Xbox 720 is codenamed “Durango”, while the Playstation 4 is codenamed “Orbis”. But don’t be mistaken, these are only development names. Then again, it would be cool (or funny or…just plain weird) to actually give these consoles the name.

But other that, gamers would expect to see these two high-end gaming consoles to be obviously much stronger than the current consoles in Kotaku's article. Like this new patent that was revealed for the Xbox 720 from IGN. 

And even the news about the Playstation 4’s Developer Kit.

Games of 2013

In other news;

Some of you might have already known about the post on the top five anticipated games in here, but did you know that there are still a lot more? Here's a list of other video games that are mentioned by IGN. 

Oh and something for the horror fans. If you have played Slender before…here is the new sequel to the Slender series; Slender: The Arrival.

Hope you guys are excited to look forward to in 2013’s gaming list! Lozzical here once again, over and out!

Article by: Jesvin "Lozzical"  Kaur. 


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