Old games made new

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Have you guys ever realised that old traditional games such as chess and checkers, the standard board games are now available online? I am sure you guys must have realised that. Games from the past have started making their way into the future. Thanks to technology, we now have games on the internet. If you ever feel like playing old board games, we can now find them online.

Traditional Chess (Left), Modern Ches (Right)

Traditional Checkers (Left), Modern Checkers (Right)

Interested in chess? You can play it here! Fancy Checkers? You can play it here! The real question is this. Do we still want to play these games? With fancier games such as Far Cry 3 or Call of Duty, who would want to play these games?

People who want to go back to the past, that's who. Do you ever find yourself wanting to feel nostalgic? Do you remember the time when your father taught you how to play chess and you thought to yourself, one day I am going to win my dad.

Father teaching son how to play chess. 

I would love to play chess again with my dad. I have been practicing and I would really love to play it with someone. Let's hope for more traditional games to become modern so that we can relieve the nostalgia every now and then as we like.

Article by: Anil 'the fire trainer" Dass


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