The Trilogy is complete, but will it be the end?

After 2 weeks of Ninjas and demons, it’s finally time to call it the last article in this 3-part series about one of my favourite console games out there, Ninja Gaiden.

This time will be about the most recent of the series, Ninja Gaiden 3, which was released not too long ago, March 20th 2012 to be exact (meh, details).

I guess by now, you guys would have guessed what this game is about, this Super Ninja named Ryu Hayabusa is tasked with some world threatening threat and goes all out to save the world with incredible slashing, killings, flipping, climbing, water running, and the list just goes on about how awesome the gameplay for this game series is.

So yea, the third series is no different from the previous 2, as Ryu is once again, on the scene to save the world. But! There are many changes to this third instalment of the series. Firstly, the biggest change (to me that is) is the fact that you can NO LONGER dismember the people you kill anymore! (That’s just sad!) =(

But when old things go away, new things come in, like cinematic gameplay (you see the button on the screen and press them accordingly) which you experience STRAIGHT away when you start the game. And also more sound effects, like enemies screaming in pain! And more new stuff like Kunai Wall climbing, revamped Ninpo sequences which this time, sees Ryu turn into a… wait for it! Yes! A DRAGON! (Well, Ryu technically means Dragon in Japanese, so… you see the link there). Ouhh! Did I mention about ANOTHER original story plot?

Overall, after playing this game, I really really really enjoyed it a lot! And this is up there as one of my favourite action-adventure games. JUST BUY IT AND PLAY IT, EVEN IF IT’S LIKE 2013 ALREADY! IT’s that awesome! Trust me.

Honestly speaking, the trailer really got my attention when I was deciding on what new games to buy and play. And I must say, after playing all 3 games, I really look forward to hopefully seeing a 4th title in the series.

Peace out guys!

Don’t stop Pwning!


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