A trip down memory lane part 1

Hey guys it's me, AL-stoner-IM and today I have something special for you guys!
I'm sure you guys realized that I've not posted anything since last tuesday but I have a good reason! :D
I've come up with the top two favourite games I played as a kid (around 12 years old) so there'll be two posts with this one being the first part.
For this first part I'm going to show a runner up of my top 2 favorite games on an old console.
This game is available on the xbox but did not make it to the Ps2 for some reason. they cancelled it. ):

This game is called Call Of, no not call of duty hahaha, Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners!
This absolute classic of a game took me and two of my other friends to play because it was hard!
It's a role playing game but most of the time you have to solve riddles and such and we were kids, didn't understand that much.
It's one of the first few games to have the HUD-less first person view.

First HUD-less FPS view

Cthulhu himself!!

okay so let's get straight to the game.

In this game you are jack, a police detective turned private investigator due to 'losing his sanity' while chasing after a group of cult in a manor. Basically this game is mainly about a cult named the fellowship of the yith. After becoming the PI, you are supposed to investigate about this clerk named brian burnham only to fail due to the corrupted police force in the city. from then on you'll have to lay low and avoid the corrupted police and people of the cult. Now to be honest I don't know what happens after that because we couldn't complete the game but it was at it's peak and it was just so much fun but brain absorbing. I really recommend this game to those who are hardcore gamers and those with high IQ!

Stay tuned for part two ;)



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