Angry with your opponent to the point that you want to rage? Smosh it!

Hello guys it's me again, Al-stoner-IM.
Have you ever gotten so mad at a game that you just want to go into rage mode?
Smosh it! Yes, it's not a misspell, I didn't mean to say smash, I'm saying smosh!
Laughter is the best medicine and when you get too angry you should find a way to laugh.
Smosh is a comedian duo that dedicates themselves into making people laugh.
However, I'm not just sharing a normal comedy goldmine!
Not only that they are funny, they make funny reviews of games too!
Yes you saw right, Smosh are gamers too and they have a channel dedicated to gamers!
My favourite one is right here when they play slenderman! It is super hilarious!

You must check them out because these are the guys that will calm you down for sure!
Of course you can always come to our blog for laughters and reviews but it's an alternative ;)
Have fun pwners! :D

Playlist for Smosh Games:


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