The End of THQ

Hello there fellow Pwners! It’s Lozzical here again giving you the dish on what has been going on in the gaming world.

Since most of you know about THQ, creators of the WWE game series, were going bankrupt last year right? Well, official articles all over the internet have revealed very sad news about this big gaming company. 

Yes people. THQ is officially gone in the gaming business.

Yes it is sad to know about this, but honestly, this was expected since the company was going through a tough time after the news came out about their bankruptcy. Of course, they were doing a good job in developing good games, but sales for then were unfortunately did not turn up that good. Even the attempt of having a charity game bundle to get extra cash didn’t work for them. 

Today, the CEO and President of THQ made their final meeting to the company about their loss. It is sad that hundreds of people working for this lovely company are losing their jobs. Heck, it’s sad to the THQ fans that the company behind several successful games is gone.

Therefore, I make this post to bid farewell to THQ as they will be gone from the gaming industry…forever. But, before I move on further to this tearful goodbye, Kotaku made a memorable article on them.

Here are some of the memorable games that THQ have made for us all…


R.I.P. THQ. We will miss the wonderful games you have created. 

Article by: Jesvin "Lozzical" Kaur


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