When's theres a War, something's bound to Fall

Last week, I talked about Transformers War for Cybertron. So it’s only natural that I follow it up this week with its sequel, Transformers Fall of Cybertron.

Like the first game, this series takes place on the Transformers’ home planet of Cybertron and it’s a continuation from where the previous game left off. So, if you didn’t pick up Transformers War for Cybertron, I’d suggest you pick it up so you won’t miss out much of the action or go ‘Huh?’ as the game progresses.

So, from the events of “War for Cybertron”, it left the planet Cybertron unable to sustain life and the Autobots are desperate to ensure the continued existence of the Transformer race. Thus, decided that they should flee their home planet in search of a new one to inhabit in. But the Decepticons, will not make it so easy for them, as they seek to destroy every single last Autobot with their main goal of total domination.

Gameplay remains almost the same like the previous game, but instead of giving you a choice of selecting from a pool of characters to use, Fall of Cybertron gives users a specific character to use and so, this allows a more focused storyline to surround these characters in the game. A few new features are added into the game as well. Like a health bar system that slightly resembles that of the “Halo” series, as well as more weapon choices and even making them upgradable throughout the game when the player visits “Teletran 1” kiosks as the game progresses. So, if you prefer a fast shooting gun in the game, just visit “Teletran 1” and upgrade it to your liking.

One more cool thing about this game is that, for every character that you use, they each come with a unique ability that is exclusive to them and it helps with the gameplay as well. One example would be “Cliffjumper” and his “Stealth” ability with makes his missions more “stealthy” and it changes the way that you play the game. Also, you get to play as GRIMLOCK!!! The iconic Dinobot Leader and boy, when you play as Grimlock, you just SMASH!!!

With so many presents in this sequel of a game, I’m sure that if you pick this up, you’ll just keep playing and playing and playing.

Here’s the trailer and well, BUY IT if you haven’t already! See you all soon!

Article by: Justin Lostintime Lam


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