Shadowgun DeadZone Game Update: A rather buggy one

Hey Pwners! It’s Lozzical here! I know I bring your daily fix of video game news here, but this time…I decide to bring something up that happened to me.

Well, I was playing this iPhone game called Shadowgun: DeadZone, a multiplayer shooter from Madfinger Games (and I got it for free a few months back, can’t remember when though). Today, they released a new update on the game, which I thought it was pretty sweet.

So pretty...and yes, you can see that you can play with other people online just below the screen.
In the old version, the game didn't have a section called "Chat", and the other four sections; "Casino", "Social", "More Apps" and "Feedbacks". And what was in this update was the fact that you have so much cash at the START. I was surprised at first, but hey, bought myself a machine gun and a rocket launcher. 8D

I thought it would be nice to try out my newly bought weapons and enter a match to PWN people. Until this happened...

And...I can't enter a single freakin' server. 
At first, I tried to close the app and try it again to see whether it works. Since that failed, I decided to check my server and probably change it. Firstly, the "Asia" servers couldn't work when I tried, so I changed to the "Europe" servers.

I HAD to change to the European servers in order to play. *sighs*
It worked, but I couldn't enter a single game. Then I realized, I could only enter a game WHEN I add friends on it.

But after a few minutes, it went screwy - all three regional servers can't even work like the photo above. I wanted to post a comment on the Shadowgun page, when I saw how the fans of this lovely shooter reacted to update (more comments are on the link above).

But on a brighter note...after the comments poured in the status update, it was fixed in a matter of minutes. That is when I felt a sign of relief.

Oh yes, before I forget.  Feel free to add me as a friend if you have this game on your Android/iOS devices - "Lozzaria".

Now if you excuse me, I shall PWN people with my rocket launcher. 'Till then!

Article by: Jesvin Lozzical Kaur


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