EOY 2012: When the virtual world meets reality

Well, not entirely. It’s...just a cosplay event that I went to recently, and so to say…you can see a lot of game characters (and anime and cartoon characters too) brought to the real world.

And yes, the theme of this event is actually, RPG based. You go to different places after another and stock up on some potions, elixirs, loot and what not in this fun-filled adventure around Marina Barrage. 

Look at all that loot…
Well, look what I’ve found. A Nyan-cat.
One does not simply mess with soldiers when they’re armed…even if one of them is holding a guitar for a weapon
Yousuke of Persona 4: Now where’s Jiraiya when you need him to exterminate shadows?

The “Black Beast” and the kid vampire: Meet Ragna the Bloodedge and Rachel Alucard of Blazblue.
Player of Minecraft and Yondaime of Naruto: When two worlds collide, they may be the deadliest pair of all time.
Beware. The Slenderman is watching your every step…
Pyramid Head of the Silent Hill series: You know you're f***ed when this guy is around 
On a side (and yet disappointing) note, I would have taken a lot of pictures, but my phone HAD to die. Oh and one more thing...

Yes...that is a Creeper (Minecraft) looking at you. (Credits to a friend of mine for taking this picture)

Photos and article by: Jesvin "Lozzical" Kaur


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