Walter and Gaming: Till Death Do Us Part

Hey guys! If you have been following our tweets and Facebook posts, you realise we have been been talking about this mystery gamer. Well, as far as we are concerned. he may not be in his youth but he does take gaming seriously. So who is this mystery man? Drum roll please. He is..

Walter Loo

Walter Loo Tuck Kuan
Aged 54
Technical Manager for Systems Winners
Father in a family of 5

Enjoys taking time off to play 1st Person Shooter games like Blackshot and Counter Strike.

As you can see, Walter is a avid gamer who spends his time off to play games. Age does not stop him from playing games as he believes that games are a form of mental therapy. Here is what went down during our interview with him:

Q: What is your rank in Blackshot?

A: My rank is a Captain.

Q: How do you find time to game in your busy schedule?
A: Generally, I do not have free time. I would call my available time as scheduled time (business time, family time, hobbies time, exercise time, exception time & gaming time), as I need to run a business, attend to SIG, family matters and other hobbies. So, as scheduled times, it makes it easier to manage your life activities - although I also try not to make it too rigid!. I usually game for about 45 mins to 2 hours and sometimes it can stretch up to 3 hours!

Q: Why do you find gaming the ideal way to spend your free time?
A: In gaming, our life gets transformed into a character who can do impossible things and perform incredible actions. You will find that you can become a hero (MVP) once in a while, and be a useful asset to your friends or Clan. It takes you away from the real world for a while and allows your mind to be stretched from a different angle. This stretching takes the daily stress out from you. An added advantage is that I get to play with my nephews and children.

Q: How do you feel about the stereotype that "Gaming are for youths"?
A: I think that is not true as I am not exception. Apart for myself, I also know one other person around my age group that games.

Q: Do you have any advice that you would like to give to our readers about gaming?
A: At my age, finger dexterity is simply not there - so most of the time, if I am not with my Clan I would be slaughtered mercilessly - and even taunted as to how I could have advanced to being a Captain, especially by new youngsters. I have learnt to take things in my stride as it is only a game 

Mr Loo may not be young, but from the interview, we can certainly tell that he is young at heart with a cheerful demeanour and a great sense of humour. Is this the effect that games have on you? Do games have some sort of anti-ageing effect?
As we can see, Mr Loo is a lot like most of us gamers. Mr Loo is the epitome of the gaming spirit, finding time to game in his busy schedule. Most people have the stereotype that gamers are young people with time to spare, but Mr Loo proves this stereotype wrong. Mr Loo gives PwnZwn’s motto another twist, he is the definition of “Keep on Pwning!”


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