Violent video games, it's effects, my opinions

Hello guys it's me Al-stoner-IM!
Today I'm going to be talking about something that is probably a little less exciting than the previous posts few days ago and what I'm going to talk about is a BIG issue.
Yes, believe it or not, I'm going into the serious tone rather than the friendly tone I've been using but bear with me yeah?

Yesterday I came upon this article that takes us back to the Connecticut school massacre, december 14th where the lives of innocent children and people were taken.
This article states that guns and violent video games are being blamed (Remember the violent video games campaign we were trying to raise? the pledge? )
Now, I know that we all love to play those blood splattering FPS games with detailed graphics and those games are the more popular games compared to RPG games for the past few years (Maybe because guys are trying to act cool playing games with guns to impress girls, idk) but is it really fair to say that it causes one to be violent?

In my opinion, you can't really just blame violent video games but it does play a part.
A person can become violent due to the family background, exposure in violent movies/games/books and every single little aspect matters.
In this case, let's just focus on the gaming part cuz we are gamers afterall.

Personally, I have noticed how after being engrossed in playing a game for awhile, I start to bring it into real life. Recently I've been playing a lot of Far Cry 3 and it's a violent FPS free world game with a sick storyline. In this game, when the character is trying to heal himself, he tries to bend the bones that are broken into place and guess what, my hand was hurting the other day and I tried that too (didn't work of course, it added pain instead -.-). In another case, whenever I watch a movie where there is an assassin, I'd shout at the TV "Go for the takedown!" which is a move from far cry 3 where you takedown enemies from behind while stabbing them from the back straight into the heart. I even discussed it with my younger brother about it.

My point is that you might think that gaming doesn't play a part but actually it does play a part if you game excessively. In singapore it might not happen so commonly because guns are illegal here but in other countries where guns are made available, it's not so hard to put the two together. Therefore I shall wrap this up with an advice from me, If you start to feel like you're in too deep into the game, stop it. Go and play some other games that can make you calm, go out and relax for a bit. This is a serious issue guys, gaming might've been a factor and nobody knows. of course all the other gamers would try to say it's impossible but we all know that it is.

That's all folks, Stay safe!

Article by: AL-stoner-IM



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