Dragon Nest review

Hi guys, Bryan here! Today I’ll be sharing with what I think is the best game ever!

Quite honestly this is pretty tough. But I’ll share with you what I feel is the best action massive multiplayer online role playing game! And I feel is….*drum roll* Dragon Nest!!!!
Ahem. First of all, I’ll talk about some of the pros and cons of the game!

  • The game is dependent on skills and timing of the player him/herself. This means I can attack and dodge attacks from monsters actively. This is way better than point and click.
  • The game boasts impressive graphics for skills. From explosions to attacks from your characters! Take a look at this! 
  • Dragon Nest has 5 different characters to choose from. Each with their own completely different play styles. From close quarter combat to ranged combat, I felt an immense rush!

  •     The selectable characters are gender locked. This means the archers in the game, which are female, will always be female. And guys like me have to play…as girls. :/

  •  The game looks a little childish. I mean besides the skills being impressive, the characters look like children fighting butt ugly monsters.
  • This game is heavily dependent on teamwork. So introverts will suffer a lot.

All in all, I feel that people should try this game out. It’s available to South East Asia (SEA) countries. And its F-R-E-E! With a growing player count and strong gameplay, Dragon Nest SEA is here to stay!

Article by Bryan Fong Sai Hoe


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