Motion sensor gaming - A revolution or an uninspired evolution?

Late 2010 was the time when motion gaming started to sweep gamers off their feet with the release of playstation move and Xbox 360 kinect. Surely back then gamers would think that it is a big of a deal being able to control the games just by moving their body or using their voice but the year 2012 is almost ending which means it's been almost two years since. The main question is, was it truly a revolution? (Of course I'm not counting Wii in because it's not for serious console gaming in my opinion. That's like saying the Macbook is for serious PC gaming, it's ridiculous).

Moving on, the games released in association with this little piece of 'revolutionary gaming' are quite awful and non everlasting games with non of their games going up top in IGN ratings (Except for FIFA 13 but I'll get to that later). These games are more known to be the type that is 'fun for the family' instead of something that is for a long series of gaming. There are also games that is supposed to help you with your fitness and health instead of gaming but are those really necessary? 

Coming back, FIFA 13, yes it does make use of Kinect technology but it isn't really practical to use. the only thing you can do is to use voice recognition to do substitutions and change in tactics but when you're really in the zone pwning the opposition teams, it is much much more difficult than expected especially if your english accent isn't accurate. 

Future big games that are about to be transformed by Kinect looks like it's going to be a bad game. Fable was once such a magnificent game with powerful storyline and in depth gameplay but with the inclusion of kinect, it looks more of a kids game instead. Take a look at the released games and tell us what you think!

Article by: AL-stoner-IM


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