Go get your Pokémon #2

Flame-oh Pwners!

I am back this week to continue where I last left off with Pokémon Black and White 2. 

Wondered who will be giving you the very first Pokémon so that you can embark on your Journey? Well if you guessed Bianca, you guessed right! Also, in your home town alone, Cheren is the gym leader. What a brilliant boy that Cheren is. In just two years, he has managed to become the youngest Gym trainer in Unova! 

You start off receiving your first Pokémon at Aspertia City's highest point. Bianca has had an outfit change over the two years. She will give the player his/her partner Pokémon and a pokedex. Your rival, also requests a pokedex so that you guys could work together and catch all the Pokémon. Cheren too has an outfit change. 

Bianca and her outfit change. 

Cheren and his outfit change. 

Stay tuned for more detailed information about the Pokémon game, Black 2 and White 2. 

Article by: Anil The Fire Trainer Dass


  1. being a fan of BW2 I'd like to read more about this



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