COD Black Ops 2: The Best Christmas Present Ever?

With Christmas coming up, I am sure many of you are searching every corner of the globe for the best present that you can ever find for your loved ones. Well, presents come in many shapes and sizes so a present that I think suited best for this season and compassion. Just kidding guys, don't go raging on me yet. Jokes aside, for the gamers out there who wants to buy a game, one that I would recommend to add on to that Christmas list is Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

'Why such a violent game?' you may ask. Well, any veteran gamer can tell you that COD is a good game as the series have been around for a near 10 years. Therefore, your argument is invalid. To add onto the list, here are more reasons on why you should get it:

1. Epic Campaign Mode

With the amazing revolution of graphics that Activision has created, be prepared to be awed not only by the graphics, but also the storyline. This isn't your typical "Shoot Em' Up'' game that makes no sense at all and what you see is a repetition of people screaming and getting blown up. Black Ops 2 is more than that. The game features a story line that is both attention grabbing and emotion triggering. This includes air strikes, water battles and even the occasional cut scenes that feature people talking to attribute to the story line. This makes the game experience even more exciting as your loved one tear up when they play the game.

2. Multiplayer.

Imagine a group people playing in the same room. Laughing as they game the night away. Also known as bonding. COD Black Ops 2 has a multiplayer feature that is enough to turn the whole family into game addicts. This includes multi controller, online playing and more. Test your skills as you battle people from almost every part of the globe with the same ego as you. Think you're the best? Try taking on the whole world.

3. Different timelines, all in one game

I know that some of you guys hate futuristic games and some of you hate games that are set in the past. What if I tell you that Black Ops 2 has both options? In this game, we start off fighting in the future and we see plenty of those airplane/helicopters that don’t make sense. However, as you progress on, you'll be sent back to 30 years as you will fight with the classic AK-47 and M-16s. So there is no need to argue about what type of FPS games are the best. Both types have been included for your viewing pleasure ;)
All in all, these are the main reasons on why Black Ops 2 is worth the money to buy as a present for your loved ones. Who knows? They may even buy this game for you too after reading this. On behalf of Pwn Zwn, we would like to wish you a MERRY PWNING CHRISTMAS!

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Available in PS3, Xbox 360, Pc, Nintendo Wii
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Trailer

Article By: Dino 'Destroyer' Shafizan


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