Best game to end the year with, Far Cry 3

'Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

It means doing the same cussing thing over and over again
And hoping that something would change.' -Vaas

Far cry 3 has just came out and my brother was there to get it for himself
It was the most anticipated game for my brother and I was quite bothered as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 just came out recently this year too, but now I see his reason.

Insane gameplay, breath-taking graphics, freedom to explore the map what can be better?
This game makes Call of duty and Skyrim seems like kids game!

It's mainly because it's almost like a combination of both and it is pure awesomeness.
This game is suitable to any gamer that likes either adventures or killing people.

In this game you play Jason Brody who came to Amanaki islands with your friends and two brothers to seek thrill.

However, all of you got captured by a vicious pirate named Vaas and his company.
The adventure goes on as your elder brother got killed right in front of you and you escaped.

You go on, you grow and you will start to conquer the island.
But everything comes with a price don't they?

This game is so addictive that my brother completed it in a few days, playing non-stop.
Kudos to Ubisoft for such a revolutionary game.

Here's a demo gameplay for all of you.

* The game is rated M18

Article by: Al-STONER-im 


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