Tips and Tricks: NBA 2K13

Ever wonder how to earn quick and easy VC to upgrade your player in MyCareer mode?

Well worry no more!

As this video below will teach you how...

Aside from the video, there are 2 more ways in which you can earn easy VC.

AOne of them is a Facebook game title NBA 2K MyLife, which allows you to earn VCs from playing the Facebook game, and even a Facebook ‘Exclusive’ Dunk Package for your player to utilize in MyCareer.

The other method is via a Phone App, titled MyNBA2K. It’s a smart phone app which you can download from the App Store or the Android Market. The game contains minigames which rewards you with VC, but it’s capped at a limit of 1000 VC per day.
What the app should look like

There you have it, hope that this Tips and Tricks guide to earning VC will be of use to you.

As always, keep on Pwning!

Article by: Justin "LostInTime" Lam


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