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Our mission is to bring awareness to our readers about the latest buzz in the gaming world

Pwn Zwn's Aim

  1. Promote active gaming within gamers.
  2. Provide tips and strategies for new games.
  3. Provide updates on upcoming games and events that are happening.

AL-STONER-IM aka Alim - 19

Hi! I’m AL-stoner-IM! I play lots of FIFA every day and other games too. I’m especially weak in FPS games but I play other games well. Besides gaming, I go to school, pwn people in football and play ultimate. To me, games are timeless no matter how much they evolve and unlike popular belief, to me gaming brings out the best in people as they will show their true self and this stimulates their thinking. The more you game, the faster your brain can think in different situations and this makes you a fast thinker and that is why I GAME! Contact me at 112214@myrp.edu.sg

Anil “the fire trainer” Dass – 19

I play different kinds of games across different platforms ranging from PS3 to PC and even to Nintendo DS. My speciality would be the Pokémon series. My preference is fire type Pokémon and I will be providing guides for the English version games.  My hobbies include writing, photography as well as videography.  If you guys have any special requests in any of the Pokémon games, please do not hesitate to write in your requests to 111829@myrp.edu.sg

Dennis “the menace” Lee – 18

Hi my name is Dennis  and I’m not exactly a gamer in terms of consoles and PC games. I am just a regular guy who plays simple games on my iPhone and Facebook to while away my time. Although I don’t game much, I enjoy the gaming process especially for strategy games because I like to be challenged. My hobbies consist of reading and listening to music which are what I enjoy the most. Contact me at 114424@myrp.edu.sg

Dino ‘Destroyer’ Shafizan - 19

I love action games. The adrenaline keeps me awake when I am gaming compared to slow RPG games which takes forever to complete. I am 19 years old this year and my hobbies include working out in the gym and cooking. I also love the martial arts such as boxing and muay thai which is where my favourite game genre comes from. My favourite game is UFC undisputed 3 which I have practically destroyed everyone who comes across my path. So.. who’s up to destroy the destroyer? Contact me at 111734@myrp.edu.sg

Jesvin “Lozzical” Kaur – 19 

When I was a little girl, the very first games I have touched on were Tetris, Contra, and Super Mario Bros. And surprisingly, I still play those games…’till now. On that very day where I was introduced to the world of gaming, that is where I started to feel the love of playing video games ranging from those back in the 90s ‘till this new generation. Contact me at 117581@myrp.edu.sg

Justin “LostInTime” Lam – 20

I have been gaming since forever, starting out playing the Pokemon series during primary school.     I enjoy playing all sorts of games ranging from sports games to adventure games to strategy games.  I enjoy the gaming process as it allows me to think about how to beat the game, and this thought process allows me to stimulate my brain. Other hobbies I enjoy would be Singing and Acting, as being a performer is something I hope to accomplish one day. Feel free to contact me at 111226@myrp.edu.sg 


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